Reading Glasses That Hang Around Your Neck Without a Lanyard

The KOALA READERS unique extended temple arms allow you to hang your readers around your neck comfortably without that annoying lanyardYou simply slide the frame on or off your neck or you can place it on top of your head without messing up your hair. When reading, wear it like any other reading glasses. 




You can start wearing a pair of KOALA READERS right out of the box. No lanyard assembly or length adjustment involved.

No cord to deal with when putting your readers away. No fuss and no muss.

While hanging on your neck, your readers won't hit the table or accidentally dip into your clam chowder when you sit down to eat.

They will always be with you so you'll spend less time looking for it next time you need it.

Simple? Yes. Clever? We think so.


They are ideal for uses everywhere; home, office or in a restaurant, while driving, cooking, working in your studio workshop and many outdoor activities such as camping and fishing.



Try a pair of KOALA READERS and see how you like them. They are sold only online, here and on AMAZON (USA). To go to the AMAZON page;

  • Click "AMAZON" at the top or bottom of this page.




We hope you enjoy your KOALA READERS. Let us know what you think of them.

We hope to hear from you soon.



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